Vehicle GPS

FleetSmart FST-01V
3G GPS Tracker for Vehicle

Our FST-01V was our first GPS tracker to run on 3G networks providing faster and more stable connections to enable constant track on demand and live track the usage of other enhanced additional features.

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FleetSmart FST-02V
Vehicle GPS Tracker

The FST-02V is our new high-end vehicle GPS tracker with market-proven quality and precise positioning. In addition to real-time tracking, it supports various peripherals and can be installed into taxis, trucks, cars, and buses.

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Motorcycle/Boat GPS

FleetSmart FST-05
Magnetic GPS Tracker for Motorcycle, Yachts and Boats

The FST-05 is a vehicle tracker that can be used for cars, motorcycles, yachts, and boats. The product is easy to install, water resistant (IP66), dustproof, and comes with a built-in antenna.

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